EVENTO CONCLUSO - 28 ADQI Meeting 2022


17 Giugno 2022
3 Giornata


The ADQI 28 conference is focused on “Sepsis Associated Acute Kidney Injury”. Sepsis remains the most important cause of AKI in the critically ill and it is associated with short term mortality, SA-AKI is also linked to the development of CKD, ESKD, and long-term increased risk of death.  Furthermore, approximately 20% of patients with SA-AKI require RRT. Despite this, treatment recommendations for SA-AKI lack sophistication championing source control, avoidance of secondary kidney injury, and optimization of systemic hemodynamics. Participants are experts in the field who will review existing evidence and will make recommendations for current practice and for future research on the treatment of SA-AKI.

Lui G. Forni, Mitra Nadim, Alex Zarbock and Claudio Ronco


Organizers’ contacts:

Lui G. Forni, PhD, MB, JFICMI

University of Surrey

Guildford, UK

Tel +44 1483 402724

Email: luiforni@nhs.net


Mitra K. Nadim, MD, FASN

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Los Angeles, CA 90089   
Tel +1 323 442 6894

Email: nadim@usc.edu


Alexander Zarbock, MD, PhD

University Hospital Münster
Münster, Germany

Tel:+49 251 83-44017

Email: zarbock@uni-muenster.de


Claudio Ronco, MD

Email: cronco@goldnet.it



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