EVENTO CONCLUSO - 30 ADQI Meeting 2023


9 Giugno 2023
June 9-12, 2023


The Acute Disease Quality Initiative (ADQI) was started in response to concerns about the quality of care delivered to patients with Acute Kidney Injury and critical illness based on published data demonstrating that such conditions are associated with an unacceptably high mortality, and there is a wide practice variation in diagnosis and management worldwide. In order to address these issues, ADQI has adopted an evidence-based methodology to develop consensus-based appraisal of current issues and possible recommendations for practice and research. The key goal of the ADQI process is to ultimately provide a base for advancement in the diagnosis and management of critically ill patients. Consequently, we have initiated a series of conferences under the auspices of ADQI, supported by scientific institutions and industry partners.

ADQI aims at establishing an evidence-based appraisal and set of consensus recommendations to standardize care and direct future research. The results of previous consensus conferences are available online at  www.adqi.net.



 Adsorption-based Extracorporeal Therapies

The ADQI 30 conference is focused on Adsorption-based extracorporeal therapies for blood purification and organ support. Several acute and chronic pathological conditions are determined by “retention molecules” that accumulate because of inadequate kidney or liver clearance. Furthermore, several critical conditions are characterized by the presence in circulating blood of PAMPs and DAMPs derived from bacterial or viral infections, sepsis or other inflammatory syndromes. In such conditions, pharmacological interventions may result insufficient or inadequate to control homeostasis and extracorporeal therapies may be indicated as adjunctive therapy. However, current dialysis or hemofiltration techniques rely on membrane separation processes that present limitations. When classic diffusion- or convection-based techniques are inefficient, other techniques based on adsorption can be utilized. This approach  may represent the new frontier in extracorporeal therapies and it will be matter of analysis and discussion in the ADQI 30 Consensus Conference.

Rinaldo Bellomo & Claudio Ronco



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